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Name Malcolm
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Country Sudan
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What I like the knife:

1. at initial glance be observe that Bravo has a special form blade.
It practically seems like somebody took a knife in style and meticulously cut-out part of the tip. The knife is effectively-recognized due to the fact its reinforced prime is roughly as strong and tough, as it goes.

Even though Bravo is negligible, is strong equally, if it is odd, reduce or puncture.

2. each blade, that is marketed as core job/utility folding knife will want to have a sturdy lock. Buck utilised his lock tested structure more than time give your fingers a reliable protection against lock set.

3 buck supplies the option of a straightforward fifty % or leaf serrated with the Bravo. Blue Spyderco Delica 4 I went with the half serrated version, because the teeth for tearing via locations and fibrous material with ease are useful.

No nagging difficulty have four correct, which preserve this journal of the knife, as the Wallet Clip is Ambidextrous transportable. Stainless clip is permanently, not only in the Pocket.

five steel is estimated 154 CM massive by the knife lovers due to their extreme sharpness and strength held. I like that Buck utilised to best top quality steel in one of their toughest knife.

What I liked:

I hope that this knife with a totally serrated blade have been available. I thank you one's teeth can do when you are in a hurry and require to do some thing extremely swiftly.


With a worth of sales, the MSRP of $126, Buck knife is approximately as hard as it gets the income Bravo. Combine a strong lock, with a brilliant style Spyderco Delica 4 Wave Trainer razor sharp steel and arrival of Bravo. I advocate this knife, who utilised your knives really sick and really difficult of it breaks.

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