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22.06.2009 um 19:20 Uhr
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World Sauerbraten Nations Tournament
About WSNT
22.06.2009 um 19:20 Uhr - sospiro
The WSNT is a national teams competition, it is contested by players of each Nation to take the World Champion Title.
At the moment the available modality are: InstaCTF, CTF, InstaProtect, Regen Capture, Capture, Efficiency Team and IstaTeam.
National teams need registration on the website, if your own nation is already registered you have to talk with the Captain, else you have to propose the inscription with IRC admins.
Every Nation may summon 10 players (reserves included), these player will be divided in teams (3vs3 or 4vs4) by Captain,who will choose regular players for each modality.
The 10 summoned players can't be switched or changed with players not registered at the start of competition.

To get informations or subscribe a new Nation. search admins on IRC channel #wsnt